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Solid Wood Wishbone Chair
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Solid Wood Wishbone Chair

  • Size:

    28.5'' H x 22'' W x 21.5'' D
  • Material:

    Solid Ash+Paper corn
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  • Product description:

    Y Chair|Wishbone Chair|Commercial restaurant chair

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  • Details

    1944, Danish designer Hans Wegner began to design a series of chairs that were inspired by a painting of Danish business man who was sitting in China Ming dynasty Chairs. One of these chairs was the Wishbone Chair (1949), also known as the "Y Chair" or "CH-24," which had been manufactured by the Danish furniture facoty Carl Hansen &Son since 1950. Made of  a heat-bent solid wood frame and a handwoven  paper cord seat, the sculptural Wishbone is able to be used for long time and provides excellent sitting comfort, with or without this optional  seat cushion made of either fabric or artificial leather

   The wishbone chair is a outstanding representive of Hans J. Wegner's design style of  organic simplicity, comfort and stability in his designs. This solid wood chair is also the  last of a series of chairs that  Hans J. Wegner designed with great inspiration from ancient Chinese armchairs. The  "Y" shape backrest furnish the back with comfort and the heat-bent top with support and stability.That is why people call this armchair as "The Y Chair" or "The Wishbone Chair". The gently rounded armrest, the light Y-shape backrest and the hand woven paper cord seat provides great comfort to sitters, making this solid wood chair perfect as a dining and lounge chair.Alghout this chair is very light,but very stable,which is favored by housewives because of this flexibility.For the woven seat ,generally it takes a skilled craftsman about 1 hour to finish the weaving and 120m paper corn is needed. 


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