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Reply in 8 hours.We have a professional team to work with you including order inquiry,designning,following production,shipment and customer feedback.

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Good service is very important.Nowadays,what each factory sells is not only products but also service.Service and product are combined together.Service has become  also part of the product.Service can be divided into two parts,pre-sale and post-sale,both of which are very important.For pre-sale service,we try to response as quickly as possible.As what we indicate on our website,we can give feedback within 8 hours.Now all the people is connected with each other by the social media through mobile phone.When customers send some message,they expect to receive response within very short time.Otherwise, they will ignore the response from the factory.Also for our sales team,they are well trained and know everything about the products,about the exporting to help customers to understand our factory and products.For post-sale service, it is more important than presale service to customers.Persuaded or moved by our factory and products,customers place order.Then it is real time for them to experience our service.Sometimes, customer want to change something possiblely because designers thinks the old design is not so perfect.At this moment, we try our best to satisfy customers requirements if possible.Also customers want to know accurate delivery time,some factories can not delivery products as what they promise to customers.That is not good for customers,which will have negative influence on the future cooperation.Another important post-service is logistic service.We try to find logistic company with good repulation and have a good communication before cooperate,making them understand what we need.The last service,also the most important service is after service.In Furniture industry,it is impossible to avoid quality problem.But it is important how to solve the problem.Generally we will  send new items to replace the old one firstly although it is not our fault.

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